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Below you will find more information about bringing home the Yorkshire Terrier puppies we have for sale in Lyndonville New York. You might also be interested in our Future Litters.

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Each one of our Yorkie puppies comes with the following:

  • Registration (where applicable)
  • Vet examination and health certificate
  • Medical Record
  • Vaccinations and deworming
  • 1-year health guarantee
  • Sample of puppy food

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Future Litters of Yorkie Puppies

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About the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier started out in England by a group of individuals that didn’t think their current dogs were small or sassy enough. They typically weigh between 4-7lbs and are known for their beautiful silky hair, which is a golden brown with steel gray or black tones. As puppies they lack the steel gray color, though they’ll grow into it as they mature.

Yorkies are lively, intelligent dogs. Loving and vigilent, they will become attached to their family, and may be a bit too brave when it comes to defending their loved ones. The are extremely alert, and will bark whenever they sense danger. Poorly trained Yorkies may bark just to prove to you that they can.

On the subject of training, the Yorkie is a fairly quick learning dog, provided you are consistent in your approach, and ensure the lessons are positive, enjoyable, and varied. Doing so will soon result in an obedient Yorkie.

These tiny terriers tend to do well with children, given those children don’t confuse them for a toy or exhibit insufficient respect. They also get along with other dogs, cats, and household animals, though strangers will always be loudly announced.

This breed adapts its exercise needs to the family circumstances, and can readily be kept in a flat. They make wonderfully soft lapwarmers that also serve as effective alarm clocks and doorbells.

They have non-shedding coats that require brushing daily. These dogs will need haircuts periodically, just like a human, and are right at home at the doggy salon. Their hair tends to cover their eyes when long, so a rubber band or a trim may be required to keep them from charging into solid objects facefirst. Their ears should also be checked from time to time to ensure no loose hair is blocking their auditory passages.

Some of Winding River Farm’s past litter Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) puppies.
People come to PuppyLoveNewYork.com to find the most precious puppies.

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Yorkie Puppies for sale in Lyndonville, NY

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